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This is a service for California Police Officers, District Attorneys and Judges.
Who can order on this site?
Any Corona Police Officers' Association  member (and spouse) who qualifies under California Government Code 6254.21.  You must be a California elected or appointed official / public safety officer/ peace officer/ government prosecutor, city attorney, or public defender to qualify. (Jail personnel and employees with matron duties qualify)

Does PolicePrivacy.com email me my completed Privacy Letter Package immediately?
Yes, we will immediately deliver your Privacy Letter Package via email.

What does PolicePrivacy.com do with our information?
We prepare your Demand Letters in accordance with California Government Code 6254.21 and address them to each data vendor. All you have to do is sign and mail the letters. We NEVER store personal information. Once the Demand Letters are printed, your personal information is deleted. Our website will register your IP address, email, and name, to prevent abuse and to notify you of legal updates and safety alerts.

What if I have more than one address?
Demand Letters allow for only one current / primary address. The government code was enacted to protect officials and their families at their current residence. The removal of old addresses or income property does not fall within the scope of the government code.

What companies am I requesting to OPT-OUT from by completing this Privacy Package?

The companies are listed below. Over the past several months, some of the companies have merged, so only one privacy letter is necessary to opt-out of several different companies.

    * US Search.com (affiliated with) and 1-800-US-Search and Instant People Finder
    * Intelius.com (affiliated with) and PeopleLookup and PeopleRecordFinder.com and 99 Lists and Addresses.com
    * LexisNexis (affiliated with) Accurint and Seisint     
    * Lycos (affiliated with)  WhoWhere
    * Acxiom - Provider of direct marketing lists to corporations including Google and Yahoo
    * PeopleFinders.com (affiliated with Veromi)
    * PrivateEye.com (affiliated with) Public Records Now
    * ZabaSearch
    * Ameridex
    * Find Law
    * InfoUSA.com
    * WestLaw
    * Phonenumber.com
    * 555-1212.com
    * USA PeopleSearch.com
    * BeenVerified.com
    * Spokeo.com
    * And More

How do data vendors get my name and personal information?
Much of the information comes from public records, including property deeds, marriage licenses, birth and death records, and voter registrations. Also, many private businesses rent or exchange information about you and your household. This is information that is collected when you identify yourself to an organization (i.e. registering a product, making a purchase or receiving a service). Data vendors also obtain information from credit reporting agencies and other financial institutions.

How long will it take to remove my information from the data vendor websites?
The amount of time varies from one company to another. The average time it takes a data vendor to remove your information is about six weeks.

Does PolicePrivacy.com remove my information from data vendor websites?
No. Each data vendor company is individually owned and operated. PolicePrivacy.com has no control or association with any data vendor company.
We have contacted all of the data vendors directly and obtained their opt-out policies and procedures. We have developed the Privacy Letter Package to comply with each company’s opt-out procedure and with California Government Code 6254.21. Each data vendor should comply with the California Government Code.

What is California Government Code 6254.21?
In January 2006, the California legislature enacted Government Code 6254.21. The Code states that a person or business shall not publicly post on the Internet, the home address and telephone number of any elected or appointed official, if that official has made a written demand not to disclose this information. The Code applies to public safety officers, including police officers, correctional officers, probation officers and parole officers.

In addition, the Code applies to judges and commissioners, district attorneys, public defenders, members of the legislature, city council members and federal prosecutors.

How often do I have to renew my demand letters under Government Code 6254.21?
The code states that your demand “shall be effective for four years.” We recommend that you renew your demand letters every three years and after every real estate purchase or change of address.

How does this protect my family?

Data vendors routinely list the personal information of your entire household under your home address. By removing your home address from the public’s view, you also protect your family from individuals with criminal intentions.

Can my spouse order a Privacy Letter Package?
Yes, California Government Code 6254.21 states that the spouse of an elected/appointed official can also demand that their information be removed (if they reside in the same home)

Which California agency handles the enforcement and regulation of Government Code 6254.21?
The California Office of Privacy Protection. Representatives can be reached by visiting their website at www.oispp.ca.gov or by calling them at 1-866-785-9663, for more information. They are available to help law enforcement officers with any questions or enforcement issues.



There is a civil penalty of $4,000 built into the government code for non-compliance by a data vendor or website operator.

May I contact PolicePrivacy.com with questions?
Yes! Please email us with any questions. Our email address is Info@PolicePrivacy.com.

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