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About Us
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PolicePrivacy.com  has researched the law enforcement OPT-OUT requirements of each data vendor and the applicable state laws. All you need to do is order our Official Demand Letters,  and mail them. We prepare each letter  in accordance with California Government Code 6254.21 (with your information printed on it)  and addressed to each data vendor. Our Privacy Letter Package includes Demand Letters for:
    * LexisNexis
    * ZabaSearch
    * Mylife.com
    * Haines
    * Acxiom.com
    * Been Verified-New
    * Spokeo.com- New
    * InfoUSA.com
    * Intelius.com
    * Merlin Information
    * PeopleFinder.com
    * PrivateEye.com
    * USSearch.com
    * USA PeopleSearch.
    * WestLaw.com
    * WhitePages.com
    * 555-1212.com
  Credit Freeze Letters For:
     * Experian
     * Equifax
     * TransUnion
Google Maps
*Instructions on how to blur the picture of your house on Google Maps Street View.
* Lycos
  * Direct Marketing Assoc.  
  * Federal Do Not Mail list
  * Federal Do Not Call List
  * BlockShopper.com
Plus More!
View Sample Credit Freeze Letter
View a sample Credit Freeze Letter
View Sample Data Vendor Report
View a sample Data Vendor Report
View Sample Demand Letter
View a sample Demand Letter
PolicePrivacy.com will also provide you with Internet links to use for immediate - free -  opt-outs. We will also show you additional ways to protect your privacy and provide you with updates as they become available.
California Government Code 6254.21
About Us
Internet Privacy
How It Works
CA Government Code
Safety Alerts
Credit Freeze
Group Orders/ POA
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