As a California  law enforcement officer, district attorney or judge, you can demand in writing that your personal information be removed
fromonline databases
that sell orprovide your
personal information to
the public.

PolicePrivacy.com will
provide you with all the
documents and online
tools that you will need to complete this - At no cost to you!

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Letters requesting the removal of your information from the following data vendors:
Credit Bureau Freeze


Been Verified














Federal Do Not Call List

Federal Do Not Mail List

Federal Credit Freeze Program - Freeze your credit file until you need it.
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In an effort to expedite the delivery of the Demand Letters, PolicePrivacy.com will email them to you immediately after the order has been placed. All you have to do is print, sign and mail the letters.

If you would like to purchase a Privacy Letter Package for your spouse at the reduced price, you will be given the opportunity to do so after you have placed your order.
Your association has negotiated with PolicePrivacy.com to generate Demand Letters for its members. The association and PolicePrivacy.com are aware of recent  safety issues related to online privacy and organizations that are maliciously posting personal information.

In light of these recent events, we have agreed to offer our Privacy Letter Packages to your association at a reduced rate.  We hope our combined efforts will provide you with the opportunity to obtain this much needed privacy protection, and peace of mind.

Your cost will only be $30 ($15 off the regular price). The Demand Letters that we will generate for you are good for four years under California Government Code 6254.21.

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