We are solely in business for our Customers. As a California Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization directed by sworn California Law Enforcement Officers, we focus exclusively on satisfying our customers needs and protecting their personal information. Successfully removing your information from public information database companies means a great deal to us. We realize how important It is to safeguard you, your spouse, and your children's personal information.

All comments submitted about our services, are left anonymously to protect your personal information.
Please browse a list of our previous customers and what they've had to say about our service:

  • "Great service! Thank you for helping protect my family's identity."
  • " Smooth Process, easy to navigate, started seeing my information removed after two weeks"
  • "This is amazing! As a Law nforcement officer I can't even find myself in Law Enforcement specific databases... The process was fast secure and effective! "
  • "I appreciate this service you have offered to me to help keep myself and my family safer. A lot of Police Officers don't know how easily anybody could get personal information about them and their families off the internet. This service is extremely valuable, and setting it up was quick and painless."
  • "Thank you for helping me protect my family while I am working graveyard! It took approximately three weeks for my home address to be removed. CSU Police Officer."
  • "Signed-up a month ago - Great service, quick removal. Hopefully my association will spring for this service for all of our other deputies."
  • " I think this is a wonderful service for cops and those of us who need our information kept private. I have recommended this site to several of my friends and colleagues. I had tried to take care of getting my information removed myself,but to no avail. Thank you for your help and guidance.."
  • "Thanks!! Its so easy to find anyone in todays time. Your services are truely great for all in the Law Enforcement community. Thank You!"
  • "So far, so good !!! Well worth the money and highly reccommended !! Great service....."
  • "I had some technical problems in getting my letters, but once I received them it totally worked! I think all officers should do it, it is worth the money."
  • "I have been really happy with the service and it was easy to get started. "
  • "I think your service is great, It provides a security blanket for law enforcement. Keep up the good work "
  • "Great service. I found out about this site from a fellow officer and have now recommended it officers in my office"
  • "As the President of our POA, I would like to thank your organization for taking care of our family. Your commitment to the law enforcement community and this program is much needed in this day and age. The steps in completing the application were simple and quick."
  • "The response was immediate, I checked a couple of the big players and within a few days and I was no where to be found. It was to easy..thanks"
  • "Within days of submitting my request, I began receiving confirmation notices of my removal from public databases...even from ones that gave other officers in my department a difficult time. Thank you for providing such an excellent, affordable, easy-to-use service! It was definitely worth it!"
  • "I was a little apprehensive to try this service. I am now extremely glad I used it. I have attempted to remove info on my own, but did not have time to find all the correct contacts. This was the fastest, easiest, and most effective service I have ever located. I have a great peace of mind knowing it worked!"
  • "This is something that I advise all Law Enforcement to invest in. You will be paid back with your improved peace of mind."
  • "Absolutely a great service. Thank you."
  • "Keep up the great work guys, you are truly helping our family regain its safety and security."
  • "A very good service for law enforcement and their families! Thank You! I would like to see my name removed from People Search Now website."
  • "I hadn't heard of this service until I saw an ad in PORAC. It was an easy process and a great investment. I would like the service to cover online-based searches as well."
  • "Thank you for this service. This is a well worth investment."
  • "Took longer to see our names removed from some of the big players. It's been almost 2 months and our info. has now been removed."
  • "Thank you for your great service. I feel that our family is definitely safer now. Also, your website is so easy to use and getting the protection was quick and painless. Thank you again!!"
  • "I was so impressed with their services that I highly recommended Privacy For Cops to several co-workers. They too utilized the services and were quite pleased!"
  • "Great Service, and worked perfectly. "
  • "thank you for your service..."
  • "I recently used your service and I am very satisfied with the results. Within days I received confirmation letters stating that my information had been removed from data bases. I will recommend this service to my friends and co-workers in law enforcement "
  • "Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case Ill be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!http://makemeonline.net/ "
  • "What a great and necessary service. It would have taken me forever to research all the places that store, share, and even worse sell off, my personal information and then send them letters citing law to remove me from their lists, but PrivacyForCops took care of it all. I received letters back from two major companies confirming that my information was removed, and for my wife too. Thanks for your professional and efficient protection of my family."
  • "Thank you for this service. I can't stand all of the different websites out there that are just in the business of exploiting people and law enforcement. This site puts at least a few more hurdles in front of criminals and annoying citizens. "
  • "After two guys were arrested attempting to murder witnesses for the case against them, they were found to be in possession of my partners address with directions to his house; he has since signed up for your service."
  • "Keep up the great work! The piece of mind and security you provide is priceless...."
  • "Your service makes me feel much more secure in an age when my employer posts my full name and salary in the newspaper every year! Thank you!"
  • "I work for Culver City PD and signed up for your services during your last visit to our department. During a recent training class for the Accurint information system, I had the oppotunity to have them run a search for my information. I was very pleased to find that their search engine was unable to locate any information about me on the internet.Even more recently my wife signed up to for an admintrative position with our local chapter of the US Pony Club. She was contacted shortly thereafter and told that she must have made some kind of mistake on her application, because their internet background check had met with zero results.It lets me rest a little easier at night, when I know that my information is not floating around on the internet for anyone to access.Thank you for your services,"
  • "The best investment I made to date. There is no price for your family's security and privacy."
  • "Wonderful service, thank you! It was an easy process and we began to see our information disappearing within days! Seems that I just filled out the information and they did all the rest. There is no way I could have done all that they did, it was an overwhelmind process. Thank you for the peace of mind! My husband works so hard, it is a blessing to feel more safe and secure, especially when he's not here. This is one less thing for him to worry about!"
  • "Excellent service. I received my packet instantly and sent out my letters. I began receiving confirmation letters from the companies that my information was being removed in no time. Great peace of mind knowing my info has been removed and my family and I are being protected."
  • "As a fugitive officer, we have access to data bases like Lexus Nexus, auto track, CLEAR, ect. Well, we had aa rep from CLEAR come and give a class today. As you know, normally, you would not be authorized to query yourself in these data bases, but, we had permission to do so for this training. Several years ago, I enrolled in Privacy for Cops. We ran my info every way possible, SSN, Name, Address ....everything. Nothing would hit on my.After about 6 queries, we ran my current home phone # and we were able to get my address and name, but that was it. And this was a CLEAR trainer trying to find me. Was totally cool. Anyways, just thought I would let you know how well it worked. "
  • "?Within one week of signing up, we found out just how effective your service is. You went to bat for us and ultimately prevailed in getting our confidential information pulled from a blog that was fighting the request. We are very grateful for the time you put into helping us which was above and beyond what we expected. We look forward to a continued relationship. We absolutely recommend that anyone and everyone in law enforcement take advantage of this!! Thank you again!!!!"
  • "fyi, I recommend your services to everyone because I am a Detective and I see how easily we can get info on the internet. I think I have spread the word to every supreme court judge in the [South Bay] just recently, so they should be signing up in the near future. I?d say I wish there was a kick back of some sort, but $35 a year that is tax deductible is already cheap [enough] for peace of mind anyways"
  • "Please know that you, and the entire Privacy for Cops team is very much appreciated for all they do."
  • "I spoke to a representative at your organization several years ago when you had just started and were only able to offer services to California. I am very excited to see that you now have other states and I know that this is a difficult battle... Me and my instructors continue to distribute your information to the officers that come through our academy. Your services are very valuable to us. Thank you for your work."
  • "You and your organization are WONDERFUL!!!"
  • "Thank you for the service you provide. My family and I have peace of mind knowing our identities and personal information are protected."
  • "You have done a great job in removing my info. I do refer other officers to you."

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