PrivacyForever is an exclusive and proprietary opt-out service, which has been developed and launched by PSAF as a result of many of our fellow officers and members continually identifying new databases, which continue to pop-up each year. As you know, databases continue to change their names and launch subsidiary companies with the sole purpose of buying, selling, and displaying you and your family's information. As a fully recognized California Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization, our mission continues to be to provide privacy protection to those who protect us. Therefore, we are offering this service at a minimal price and are actively working with all of our past, present, and future members in diligently facilitating the continued removal of all personal and family information from existing and new databases.

PrivacyForever Price = $45.00 Per Year

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Once an officer and his/her family have purchased the PrivacyForever membership, we will actively work with all existing and new companies that come to the market and will submit opt-out requests on behalf of the officer and his/her family. We continue to build great relationships with these databases and we are seeing our opt-out and our follow up response time decrease to days and sometimes within a few hours.


  • Allows all officers and their families the peace of mind knowing that your information is being removed from new databases,which appear each year.
  • Established to protect officers and their families going forward into the future from databases that do not currently exist.
  • Established to prevent information from showing back up and staying up.
  • Utilizeattorney-drafted letters and database relationshipsto ensurea streamline removal process.
  • Save hundreds of dollars in future costs and continue to have your information removed.
  • We will actively work with you to ensure the removal of your information on current and newly established databases and will assist in contacting each database as your information becomes visible.
  • Utilize our custom PrivacyForever member page to update your information and keep your account current.
  • Access to your personalized and streamlined Opt-Out table within your account to identify company's that post your information.

We will send you a notification within seven (7) days before billing your account. If your billing information is correct, and you would like to keep the service, do nothing. If you'd like to change your billing information or cancel your service you can do so at this time. Upon the anniversary date of your membership, we will bill your credit card, and renew your account status. You will receive a confirmation invoice, just as you did for your original Privacy Protection Kit.
We pay for all costs of printing, processing fees, and mailing these letters.

PrivacyForever Price = 45.00 Per Year

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After Purchasing Our Privacy Protection Kit You Can Upgrade at Any Time!

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