General Questions

Removing your home from Google Maps

Not many people know that if you want your property images removed from Google Maps Street View, you can file a request with Google to have it done and Google will comply. Here is how you do it:

  • 1. Go to Google Maps
  • 2. Type in your address
  • 3. Click on your property and select Street View
  • 4. Zoom all the way in to your property
  • 5. Select 'Report a Problem' at the bottom left of the page
  • 6. Select Privacy Concerns
  • 7. Describe that you would like your home removed for safety reasons
  • 8. Type in your email
  • 9. Click Submit

You can also use street view to look around the neighborhood to make sure you and/or your family is not visible. In the event you find your family members showing up, you can go through this same process to have them removed or blurred.

How Does Your Service Work?

We have attorney drafted documents that are distributed to the largest data repositories in the country which store and sell your personal information. Your information is removed from these databases and all the smaller databases owned by each repository.

How Do the Prices Breakdown?

The basic price of $45.00 is the standard price for each officer. We charge a $25.00 fee to include all family members who live in the household and have the same address as the officer. We also provide a $25.00 option to take care of all the shipping. We send your packet to roughly 40 different organizations and shipping costs cover postage, envelopes, ink, paper, etc. These are the costs you will have if you ship on your own. We also offer ongoing PrivacyForever membership for a low annual fee of $45.00 for the entire year. This covers all new databases that arise in the near future and follow up service on any database that still has your information posted on their website. The most you spend is $130.00 if you include all options.

How Does the Service Work with Credit Companies like Experian, Equifax, and Transunion?

These companies have two sides to them. Once side houses your credit information and the other side sells your information. We target the side that sells your information and get your information removed from there. You will still be able to apply for credit reports and loans.

How Long Does it Take Until My Information is Removed?

We are seeing information removed, on average, of 6 to 8 weeks. Sometimes information is removed faster and sometimes slower. We ask that all officers work with us through the process.

Are Retired Officers Eligible?

Yes, according to each states statute, retired and former officers do qualify for our service.

Will I Get Confirmation that My Order Has Been Received?

Upon completion of your order, you will receive an immediate email with all your documents. This allows you to print them or save them to your computer.

If I Choose the Option to Have You Print and Mail My Letters, do I Have to do Anything?

No, if you have chosen the extra $25 service, we take care of the printing and mailing for you.

What if My Information Is Not Removed?

If you find that your information is still on a website, 6-8 weeks after you submitted your order, please contact us and we will send follow follow-up letters at no cost to you.

Who Are the Owners of the Company?

All founding member are Law Enforcement Officers or are related to Law Enforcement Officers. We all have a direct interest in helping our fellow officers protect themselves and their families.

Is This Service Offered Outside the State of California?

Yes, we are currently offering services in California, Colorado, Idaho, Texas, Florida, Nevada and Utah. We are actively pursuing other States and their legislature to offer our services. If you are located in a state other than the ones we work in and know of legislature, which covers officers in your state, please contact us so we can provide services to you.

Does Your Organization Offer Discounts for Signing Up Multiple Officers?

We have worked with several Associations to assist in complete removal of information for all their officers. Please contact us for information on how our organization can work directly with your Association.

I still see my information on Blockshopper, how do I remove it?

Please follow these specific instructions for removing your information from Blockshopper:

"Blockshopper does make exceptions to this rule, for certain government officials, law enforcement and public safety workers (see more here), individuals under court protection orders, or individuals with officially documented stalkers or other threats, for instance.

If you do fall into one of these categories, you can contact us in the following ways:

  1. Email Scarlett Simpson ( detailing the nature of your situation for consideration.
  2. Fax us your information/request to 314-786-0519 314-786-0519 No cover sheet required.
  3. Via U.S. Mail to our St. Louis address above.

If you're an employee or in law enforcement, some proof of employment is required (emailing from your work email will suffice).

If you are under an order of protection or consider yourself under some other threat, please include some documentation (like a police report) in your email. If this isn't possible, please explain why. We're good listeners.

Expect to hear from us within 24-48 hours or sooner. We answer ALL emails on this subject promptly.

I still see my information on, how do I remove it?

This site is a little different. They claim they are exempt from the California Privacy Act because they do not "house" any data. However, there is an easy method to remove listings. To remove listing enter the URL of the listing in the bottom box here

Also enter the email address and code. Let me know if any of us can help with these opt-out requests. There should be $0 fee from Spokeo for removal.

I still see my information on AnyWho/Whitepages/PIPL/PeekYou, how do I remove it?

Please email us at and provide us with the exact link to where your information is located. Upon receipt of your email, we shall contact the data repository direct on your behalf at no additional cost to you.

My link expired, how do I get a new one?

Please note, for your protection, your link will expire after a few days of non-activity or after three (3) clicks. In the event you need your link reactivated, please contact us direct via email at and we will resend you a copy of your link. Please do not contact us via telephone for this request, as we need a documented paper trail for your specific request.

Can you resend my Privacy Kit to me?

Please contact us direct via email at in the event you need your Privacy Kit resent to you. Please do not contact us via telephone for this request, as we need a documented paper trail for your specific request.

I only received confirmation from a few databases, when will I receive the rest?

At this time, only a limited number of databases send confirmation responses to each opt-out request. The majority of the databases will not respond to you.

How do I know my information was removed?

The best way to ensure your information is removed is to type in your full name into Google and Yahoo's search engine. In the event your information does still show up after approximately 6-8 weeks, please email us the exact link to where your information appears and we will provide follow up responses at no cost to you.

How do I get a discount?

Currently, we are only offering discounts to entire Associations or large groups of Officers/Officials.

How do I upgrade to have you do the shipping?

Please contact us at and provide us with confirmation that you approve us charging you an additional $25.00 to upgrade you to include shipping services.

How do I upgrade and add my family members?

Please contact us at and provide us with your addition family members' information.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, depending on the size of your organization. Please contact us direct at and provide us with the specific details about your Association.

Did I pay for the option for you to mail the letters?

If you paid the full price of $95.00 or more then YES, you did pay for the our team to ship your Privacy Kit for you. If you paid less, please contact us at to request your status.

Why am I receiving my letters on my email if I thought I paid for the service to have you mail them for me?

Upon completion of your order, you will receive a copy of your Privacy Kit for your records even if you paid for the mailing option.

Are retired officers eligible?

Yes, all retired and former Officers/Officials are covered under the statute.

I changed my address; do I need to update my info?

In the event you moved, changed addresses, signed up for a new credit card, subscribed to new magazines, or an any way provided your personal information to a third (3rd) party agency, we recommend you waiting approximately 4-6 months and then re-apply for our complete Privacy Kit at regular price. We do not currently offer any discounts for repeat customers because we operate on a streamlined budget as a Non-Profit Organization.

I would like to add/remove a service.

Please contact us at and provide us with your addition service you would like to add/remove.

Who is eligible under "family members?"

All family members (wife, kids, grandparents, cousins, etc.) who are currently residing under the same address as the Officer/Official who is opting-out.

I signed up for this service years ago, do I need to renew my account or can I have my information removed again for free?

Though your information is protected for up to four (4) years for each opt-out request, we recommend you perform a search at least once a year to ensure that your information has not leaked out into the public databases. In the event you find your information on the web a year or more after your original opt-out, you will need to re-submit your opt-out request. We do not currently offer any discounts for repeat customers because we operate on a streamlined budget as a Non-Profit Organization

Does Your Service Remove Information From Social Networking Sites?

Our service does not remove your information from Social Network Sites as those sites require individuals to personally input their information. California government code does not pertain to these sites because all information inputted is at the direct discretion of the individual. As a result, should you require to have your information removed from Social Networking Sites, you will need to personally go into each site you have created and delete each account manually. Our office cannot contact these sites for you nor can we send a letter to these sites requesting your accounts be cancelled.

Can your service remove my information from the Colorado Voters Association website?

Unfortunately, we are unable to use Government Code to request removal from this site because the information is public. However, there is a way to get your information removed. Colorado Voters Registration Data requires those who want to block their records to contact them directly. More information can be found on their website at Once your records are blocked, please follow these instructions (per Download the .rtf or .txt file which is located at this link (scroll down about mid-way):
Get it notarized OR make a photocopy of the voter confirmation card the county clerk mailed to you after you registered to vote, and mail it to the following address:
Tom Alciere
67 Technology Way
Nashua NH 03060 U.S.A.
* Please note that if you register again and get a different voter ID number, the site will require you to send in a new request.

Do you remove information from social media websites?

Social media websites are not protected by government code. These type of sites require a user to create an account using a username and password. In order to remove this information, you would need to close the account and/or restrict access to your personal information.

How Can I Remove My Information from

Step 1: Search for a person.
Step 2: Click on the person's name in the search results. This will take you to the individual's detailed record page.
Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Record Opt-Out link at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the opt-out form specific to that record.
Step 4: Once the form is submitted, the site will send you an email with a verification link that you will need to click to verify your opt-out request. (Not everyone will receive the verification email. If you do not receive the email, this typically means your record was successfully processed without additional verification being needed).
Once you have done this, data such as: house number, phone, and email address should no longer appear on this site. Make sure to refresh the page and clear your browser cache if you are still seeing the data after you have completed these steps.

How do I get my information removed from

Per their company, the directions provided to us for removal are as follows.
There are two ways to remove your information. It does work and our clients have found it to be successful.
1. You would have to claim the company yourself and remove/hide the company.
2. You can send by mail a notarized PDF which I have provided in the email.
To exercise the "Obscure" option, please follow all four of the instructions listed below.
1. First, locate your company profile on the website and then click the "Claim My Company" button in the upper left hand corner of the screen, complete the company claim request form, and submit the request.
2. Next, login to your account via the login icon at the top of the screen.
3. Next, locate the company you just claimed in the "My Account" screen and click on it to open the company change request form.
4. Finally, locate the "Obscure Company Profile" section on the change request form, check the related box, and submit the request.
Here is the website:
You would have to click on "CLAM MY COMPANY."
Then click "No I am a new user"
Uncheck "Upgrade My Profile Now"
The "Removal" option requires you to submit an affidavit to represent and warrant that the information on the URL pertains to your company or former company. The affidavit will have to be notarized and accompanied by a true and correct copy of a current government-issued photo identification.
Once Bizapedia receives the completed and notarized affidavit, Bizapedia will verify that it is sufficient to remove your company profile from the site.
*The best way to remove your information is Option #1 by claiming your company. Once you have claimed your company, you should be able to hide/remove your info from the website.

Why can't you remove my information from

Unfortunately, since Transparent California isn't disclosing any personal identifying information such as your address, phone number, date of birth, or social security number, we are unable to request removal for the information that is displayed or use government code as a means to get them to take it down. Please contact them directly at

Privacy Forever

What is Privacy Forever?

Privacy Forever is a service PSAF is now offering for a nominal $45.00 yearly fee. Once an officer and his/her family have purchased the Privacy Forever status, we will actively monitor all new websites and companies that come to the market and will submit an opt-out request on behalf of the officer. This fee allows all officers and their families the peace of mind knowing that your information is being removed from new databases we see appear each year.

Why are you offering a Privacy Forever option, shouldn't the regular service remove all of our information?

Yes, the regular package will remove all of your information up through the date of your order submittal. Privacy Forever was established to protect officers and their families going forward into the future. After several inquiries from officers, our staff took a proactive step in providing this service to all officers and families who go through our opt-out process. In order to assure that you are continually protected from new arising databases, we worked directly with multiple attorneys and databases to develop a system to streamline the process of immediate removal from new databases as they come to market.

Does Privacy Forever Last Forever?

By purchasing Privacy Forever, you are protecting you and your family from having your information out on the web. Instead of having to pay hundreds of dollars in the future to continue to have your information removed, we will monitor your information on current and newly established databases for only $45.00 per year.

Can I upgrade to Privacy Forever?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time to Privacy Forever for the price of $45.00/yr.

Can I cancel Privacy Forever?

Yes, at any time you can send us an email and request to cancel your Privacy Forever membership. Upon cancellation, you will not be charged at year end for the upcoming year.

What if I purchase Privacy Forever and I still find my information on a website?

In the event you find your information on a website, please email us the URL link to the page immediately and we will have our attorneys contact the databases via email and/or letter.

How do I know Privacy Forever is working?

Our staff keeps up to date records of all the sites that list and store you personal information. Each year we will provide all of our Privacy Forever members with a complete list of all the companies that we have proactively opted your personal information out of. This will allow you to rest assured that your yearly fee of only $45.00 is working to protect you and your family.

How Does the Billing Work?

We will send you a notification 7 days before we are sending our Privacy Forever mailings each year. If your billing information is correct, and you would like to keep the service, do nothing. If you'd like to change your billing information or cancel your service you can do so from this email. After 5 days we will bill your credit card, and process the opt-out requests. You will receive a copy of the letters we are sending on your behalf, just as you have for your original order. We pay for all costs of printing, processing, and mailing these letters.

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