The product you are purchasing is a personalized privacy protection and confidentiality kit for law enforcement officers and public officials. There are over forty (40) custom drafted letters included in this kit, which demand removal of your personal information from public information companies throughout the country.


We guarantee our privacy protection kit to be free from significant typographical errors. We have had a tremendous amount of successes with our customers removing their personal information from information sharing databases. Please note, it is at the sole discretion of the information database companies whether or not they process a removal, although specific state laws back this process. If at any time you need any help during the process, you can email us 24 hours a day at
I certify that I am a law enforcement officer, public official, elected official, public safety official, active or retired peace officer, or a member of another qualified class listed under the California, Colorado, Texas, Idaho, Nevada or Utah state law.

Your information is always safe and secure! As a fully recognized California Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization, we are dedicated to ensure the safety and privacy of ALL law enforcement officers and public officials nationwide!


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